volunteering for artwaves

Volunteering for ArtWaves not only contributes to building a vibrant art community on MDI, but also stimulates one’s own and others’ artistry and creativity. Volunteers are key connectors between instructors, participants, one-time visitors, and resident of MDI who have yet to walk through ArtWaves’ doors. Your ideas, your expertise, your energy, and your willingness to make a relationship with ArtWaves members and non-members will  help unleash tremendous amounts of creative potential.


ArtWaves volunteers have many ways to contribute to our community of creative minds. We are currently running five volunteer programs:

  • Class/Workshop/Studio Monitor Volunteer: some of the responsibilities include opening the studio, setting up the equipment, checking in the students, assisting with last minute registrations, cleaning up the studio, and closing out. Volunteers will be asked to participate in one mandatory afternoon training to familiarize themselves with the studios, the equipment available, the recycling policies, and the opening and closing procedures.

  • After School Program Volunteer: during the school year, ArtWaves offers an after school program for children between the ages of 6-19. Volunteers will be in charge of running an art project. This volunteer position could happen periodically or more regularly.  

  • Social Media Volunteer: preferably working as a team, volunteers will be in charge of gathering once a month pictures from people participating in workshops, classes, and open studio. Other responsibilities include updating the Facebook page and Instagram account, and regularly posting and sharing what is going on at ArtWaves on social media.

  • Outreach Volunteer: responsibilities include designing a quarterly newsletter, flyers, and posters, distributing them to businesses and institutions on MDI, updating Chamber of Commerce websites, and emailing newsletters and monthly updates to members of ArtWaves and email subscribers.

  • Non-Profit Event Coordinator: ArtWaves studios and workshops can be rented by other non-profits at affordable prices. Volunteer responsibilities will be to contact other non-profit organizations and schedule their fundraisers at ArtWaves.


Volunteer hours are flexible. We have sessions running seven days a week in the morning, afternoon, and evening between the hours of 8AM and 9:30PM. Most sessions are between 2 and 3 hours long and the starting time depends on the program. 


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