Teach a class

One of the most important ways ArtWaves supports our community is providing studio space for working artists and dance and movement instructors to teach classes and workshops.  

ArtWaves provides registration support, including on-line registration, fee payments, calendar updates, advertising and promotion, and links to your page on ArtWaves or your website. 

Members who would like to teach a class can hold a workshop (short term) or a class (meets weekly) in any of our four well-equipped studio spaces.

Instructors set their own class or workshop fee. ArtWaves receives 25% of workshop fees to support our programming and facilities.  Instructors retain 75%.  

Students do not have to be members of ArtWaves, but we do offer a member discount for classes.

We have open studio time available should students want to explore the medium further.

You do need to be an ArtWaves member to teach a class. 


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Please tell us about your interest in teaching a class, workshop or holding a community event at ArtWaves.

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