Phillip Dvorak

"Phillip Dvorak's explorations are rooted in the erotic, subconscious, and emotional possibilities of the human body. Regardless of the form, Dvorak invites the viewer into an intensely anthropomorphic universe. The biology of his charcoal and pastel drawings can sometimes focus so intensely on the human body that it grows microscopic. The viewer finds cell structures, organelles and strange hair-like protrusions engaging in active frenzy across the paper's surface. The effect is positively sexual." — RF

I am exploring the human form: the external and internal, the real and the imagined, the frightening and the erotic—I've found nothing more challenging, provocative, or rewarding than this.

My drawings, etchings, and paintings, both figurative and abstract, are exhibited and collected worldwide.

To see more of my work, please visit:


1345-A State Highway 102

Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Located Behind the Town Hill Market in Town Hill

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