Our Members

ArtWaves is a community of people just like you. Some of us are just discovering our inner artist, some of us have been professional artists our entire working lives. Some have never been in an art classroom, others have advanced degrees from renowned institutions. Some are teachers.      Many are students. Our membership is diverse, curious, engaged, community-oriented and kind. Won't you join us?


Business Members

No one understands the value of a rich, inviting and inclusive cultural environment than the foward-thinking leaders of our business community.  Artwaves provides an opportunity to make a lasting investment in the vibrant cultural life of Mt. Desert Island and beyond.

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At Artwaves our vision is to connect the community with art.  A simple concept with boundless opportunity.  Art for everyone.  Children, high schoolers, summer visitors, seasonal workers, year-round professionals.  Working and emerging artists.  We need your support to sustain a rich, vibrant and enlivened arts culture on Mt. Desert Island.