Jessica L. Harris, Artist
 Amherst, Maine

I am a self- taught artist hailing from the woods of Maine. I feel and a embrace a deep connection with people, animals, lost and found treasures and the wild web of nature which encapsulates and intertwines us all. I have a wide array of interests, from drawing to metal smithing, yet I find myself consistently remaining close with my ink and watercolors. 

    I am constantly pulling inspiration from music, color, my travels, organic and natural elements that sometimes appear out of what seems like nowhere. I call this imagination and I'm proud to admit that mine is on fire. Perhaps my biggest inspiration was and still remains my grandfather, who passed when I was the wee age of 11.  John E. Harris, aka "Jack" was a talented and very well known Maine artist out of Blue Hill and the Ellsworth areas. He was a charismatic character with many passions (much like myself) art being his biggest. He has been the largest influence for me throughout my artistic endeavors, as his brushes, easels, art books, and paints were all passed down to me. They are the part of the tools and fuel to my work. I truly believe that his brushes are somewhat of a spirit guide, as if they retained some of his artful soul and chose to share some with me. 

    When I paint, I don't paint want to paint a photograph. I want to create something that resembles its source, but evokes a strong emotional connection simply by existing. I want there to be a mystery and a presence that stands on it's own, separate, yet connected. I enjoy the textural gravity that simple black lines and curling scribbles can make, along with the warmth and life that flowing watercolors bring out as a painting evolves.