Art Paine

Art's ArtWaves Class:

Art Paine has been working on being a marine artist since childhood. He grew up on Jamestown Island, in Rhode Island.  The place was served by ferries in that time so Art did pencil sketches and pen and inks of ferryboats, Navy ships, and yachts by the hundreds.  His childhood marine art was good, to the extent that he and his twin brother were known through the state of Rhode Island, and both were accepted early admissions to RISD.  Still, for financial reasons Art went to URI and majored in Art.  After a stint as a Navy Officer off Vietnam,


Art pursued multiple careers as a boat designer, captain, boatbuilder, writer, photographer, and marine artist.  Art sailed to, and around, the Bahamas and eventually got involved with the famous Out Islands Regatta, where he is the permanent Appeals Judge.  Nearly half his works show the tropics and Bahamian boats and waters, although he also loves portraiture and landscapes of the American West.  Much as he likes studio work, Art Paine really loves to teach art, taking a realistic and even a scientific approach.  You can view some of his pictures on his website, easily found at Art Paine, Fine Artist or


1345-A State Highway 102

Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Located Behind the Town Hill Market in Town Hill

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